After 10 weeks and almost 10 000km, here I am in Darwin!

The west coast was just amazing. Definitely the best place I've been cycling so far.. but also the hardest.

I cycled against some pretty strong winds for a whole week before getting to the Kimberley. Then I started to have some bike issues on the Gibb River Road. It was probably one of the worst place to break a chain.. or blow up a tyre... (no town for 700km) but it happened anyway and I had to deal with it. In the end it's not too bad because I still got to explore the area.

I'll be more careful next time...

Then I cycled through Kakadu, Australia's biggest National Park where I got surrounded by swarms of mosquitoes and where I spotted a 2-meter-long crocodile in the shallow waters of the South Alligator River.

I arrived in Darwin 2 days ago and I had just enough time to rest before going back on bike tomorrow morning...

Yes, I decided to continue on the bike and go back to Sydney via the Red Center !


I could have cycled down the east coast but I decided to go through the center for many reasons:

  • Way more challenging
  • Wild. Very wild...
  • Haven't been there yet (but been on the east coast)
  • East coast is too touristy

So I'll be cycling another 5000 kilometers in less than a month because my one-year visa is coming to an end soon...