I'm an adventurer passionate about Travel, Nature & Sport. Currently working on several projects : - TravelMap.net : I created this blogging platform in 2014. There are now more than 100 000 travellers using the website. - Bike expeditions : I want to share my passion and knowledge about travelling in challenging and sustainable ways (cycling, hiking, camping, ...) - Writing a book about my first bike trip around Australia (15 000 km in 99 days)

Cycling around Australia

After 6 months working as a Web Developer in Sydney, I left my job, bought a bike, a tent and I started to travel in Australia ... At first, I was aiming for Adelaide, 2 000 km away. But when I got there, I thought "I really enjoy it, so I might as well continue !" So I decided to go to Perth, all the way across the country ... ... but then, when I got there.. I decided to continue some more on the West to get to the Kimberley (a really beautiful place, just pure wilderness) About a month later, I arrived in the north of Australia, in Darwin. I only had one month left on my one year visa and I had to go back to Sydney first.. It was pretty short in time but after everything that I did I just couldn't fly back to Sydney... so I cycled across the desert to Alice Springs and then Port Augusta, doing longer distances everyday... Finally, I arrived in Sydney, on my bike, just like I left ... <strong>99 days</strong> before ... and after <strong>15 000 km</strong> ! An epic travel, meeting incredible people and discovering a beautiful country.

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