So I thought that the visit to the tuck shop in the fwd cabin would be the highlight of my Friday afternoon and was looking forward to planning when I was going to eat the treats over the coming week. ROSE and the ocean had different ideas. I packed my sweets into my trainers along with the meal I had just made so they were easier to carry to the aft cabin. On route the balance of the boat was upset by a wave (really in the ocean I hear you say). I tripped and went to grab the jack stay in a similar manner to Niall and his water bottle, I proceeded to throw my trainers into the ocean.

I then with lightening reactions leant out of the boat between the oars and grabbed my trainer before it started sinking. Lost my meal to the ocean but saved the sweets and more importantly the trainer. I could not imagine having to Row another 1500nm in a Tom Hanks Cast away like rag shoe with string holding it together. I know your surprised that the shoe was more important to me but it's true.

Following this theme I thought you would like to know other items we have managed to lose or have been taken from our 8m x 2m home by the ocean.

Items loved and lost to the sea
- Clément's high visibility cycling smock
- Clément's Sun glasses
- Ralph's flip flops
- Ralph's towel
- Colin's Bear grip hand protectors

Items just lost to the sea
- can WD40
- Bottles to pee into
- Toilet brush (well bucket brush)

Items almost lost but saved
- Niall's Water bottle
- Colin's trainer
- ROSE's Starboard oar (Ollie)

Ralph's Protein powder is the only Item we thought we had lost until we looked with our eyes and hands like our mothers used to teach us,this was buried under a few hundred packets of @Summittoeat food in a bilge.

Due to the limited space on board items that we bring are essentials in the main and not everyone has two of everything so now they have to finish the trip without them. I am hoping this is the last of the troubles losing items but sure there is more to come.

Saturday has been very uneventful and progress has slowed to about 65nm per day. This is due to the sea state, currents and wind direction capping the boat speed at about 2.8knts. Let's hope conditions change over the coming days.

Due on watch shortly (23:00 - 01:00) so off to eat an energy bar. Strange flavour labelled as curry (spiced), and oddly tastes like a very heavily spice minced pie.

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