Things you need :

  • A LOT of motivation and good will :)
  • A serviced bike
  • A helmet
  • 1 spare tube
  • A sleeping bag (not to big if possible)
  • Some clothes (short, t-shirt, rain-jacket for the day. Pants, t-shirt, hoodie for the evening. Light towel. Swimsuit)
  • A backpack to carry your clothes & sleeping bag. Or better yet, a way to attach it to your bike rack - if you have one.
Try to keep it light! As much as you think some things will bring you comfort, you'll probably change your mind when you have to drag them up the hill.

Things you don't necessarily need (but nice to have) :

  • A tent (I have one, we just need 2 or 3 more - less than 2kg per tent). I'll carry all the tents.
  • Bike panniers (I'll carry most of the stuff but you need to carry your own things)
  • A mattress (not necessary in summer : the ground is comfy enough and you can use your rain-jacket for insulation)

Things I'll take care of :

  • The route & logistic along the way
  • Accommodation (finding camping spots - some legit with bathrooms & showers and some freedom camping)
  • The food and cooking (taking into account your suggestions)
  • Bike repair equipment/tools
  • Answering all your travel/bike/camping related questions :)

Things we'll think about on the way :

  • Places to visit
  • Activities to do in the evening
  • Meaning of life

How much it costs :

On my last trip from Berlin to Copenhagen with a group of 6, we payed 120€ (900 DKK) each for 7 days.

We spent 4 days in Germany and yet it was still cheaper than our 3 days in Denmark.
As I understand, Sweden and Norway won't be any cheaper.

So my estimated budget for this trip is around 200€ (1 500 DKK) per person for 8 days.

This would excludes the ferries :
- ?€ Helsingør, Denmark to Helsingborg, Sweden
- ?€ Oslo, Norway, back to Copenhagen, Denmark (long & expensive!)

The idea is that we'll stop in supermarkets to buy stuff to make sandwiches for lunch and pasta/rice for dinners.
So food-wise, it should be relatively cheap. And then camping should be cheap as well - or even free if we do some freedom camping.

I'll pay for the expenses during the trip and we'll split it at the end to make it easier.

Edit : final budget after the trip : 100€ each for 8 days. We saved a lot of money with the freedom camping.