Over the past 4 years, I've been travelling around the world, living my life to the fullest and learning new things everyday.
I mostly travel on my bike (around Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Vanuatu, New Caledonia and across France, Germany and Denmark) or on foot (in Canada, Nepal, Morocco, Kilimanjaro) and I camp everywhere I go.

Whenever I talk about my trips, I see a lot of people with sparkling eyes saying things like :
- "Wow it sounds so amazing! I wish I could do the same"
And the truth is, most of you can. All it takes is enough motivation and maybe a little push to take the first step.

What I'm offering here, is that little push. You just have to grab a bike, some clothes, and follow me.
I'm taking care of all the logistics (camping, food, directions, ...) but most importantly, for those interested, I can share my experiences and teach you everything I know about travelling, cycling, camping and generally going on adventures like this.

I should mention, this NOT a touristic trip. It is a real human experience where you will be able to challenge yourself and see if that kind of thing is for you.
I do not want to make a financial profit out of it. You only pay for your own expenses (meals, campsites, ferries, ...). We'll try to keep it cheap and wild (sleep in tents, cook pasta, ...).

Does it sound like an incredible opportunity? You might not hear that every day.
If you are one of those people who dream about that kind of stuff but don't really know how to go about it, this is for you.

Edit :
Anita Posch, founder of BikeSisters wrote a really good article about my story and the genesis of my bike expeditions :