The plan :

I'm cycling around Europe and I invite anyone motivated to join me on my next adventure 

- 750 km from Copenhagen to Olso
- 8 days (Saturday 20th to Sunday 28th of August)
- 80-90 km / day
- 5-6 hours / day
- Group of 5 to 10 people
- Camping everyday
- Cycling/touring experience is not required*

* I believe anyone healthy and motivated enough can go on a trip like this. This is your chance.

Once we get to Oslo, you can take the ferry or fly back to Copenhagen.

Things you should be aware of :

- It's going to be hard...

Travelling every day - especially on a bike - is challenging.
The combination of physical fatigue, butt pain, homelessness and being at the mercy of the weather requires a whole lot of mental strength.

- It won't be comfortable...

If you are looking for comfort, please stay home.
I will show you the way I like to travel : out of the comfort zone.

It's a group trip...

We will always go at the speed of the slowest, stop if one person stops and generally do whatever is best for the group.

There is a leader...

Everybody gives their opinion but I will make the final decision.
I don't mean to be a tyrant but if everybody does their own thing it becomes impossible to manage.

- ... It's a really rewarding experience.

It won't be easy every day but trust me, it's all worth it in the end.

If you are interested please contact me (Contact page or call/text me on WhatsApp : +33781838542) and let me know more about you.

Looking forward to hear from you,