So we finished our trip and it went really well !

For most people it was their first time cycling for more than a day (or even half a day) and for me it was my first time leading a group.
We had a good group dynamic and a really good atmosphere.

Everything went according to the rough plan I had. We cycled 600 km in 7 days, making an average of 85 km per day.
We were supposed to arrive in Copenhagen on Sunday but we cut across the not so interesting Møn peninsula and cycled 123km (our record) on our last day Saturday.

We had our share of issues/fuck-ups but the trip remains completely worthwhile.

On Sunday, we all gathered for a celebratory drink and a reflecting talk in Copenhagen. Everybody enjoyed the trip, learned a lot and want to do it again.
I for one know that I will do that again.. probably as soon as next month in August from Copenhagen to Oslo...

Thank you Unstoppable Team :)