The last few months have been pretty intense. I finished my 6 months contract at RedfoxMedia and since then I've (mostly) been working on TravelMap. It is not done yet but most of the features are here and ready to be fully tested.

I worked really hard on this project and I hope that it'll meet my expectations.

It all started last year when I was in London getting prepared for my travel in Australia. I wanted to be able to trace my itinerary on a map and easily show it to my friends and family.

I started to look online for existing Travel Blogs and I realised that there was a very limited choice. Most websites only have text and for those who do have a map it is not even remotely considered as a major asset of the website. Which is unfortunate because I really think that a map should be the center piece of a Travel Blog.

Being a traveller myself but also a Web Developer, I thought this was a pretty good opportunity for me to start a project that I would be really passionate about. And indeed, I am ! I'm surprised such websites do not already exist.

The concept is pretty simple.. the first thing you need to know about a traveller is its geographical location. Then it's good to know where he/she has been and where he/she is going. Show some pictures and THEN some text…

Starting from that idea I came up with a whole plan of the site's structure, users (why be selfish and do it just for me if I could make it avalaible for any other fellow traveller), design (responsive for Phones and Tablets), accessibility… and 9 months later : here is TravelMap !

As I said, it is not done yet - and it won't be for a little while (I still have a lot to improve on). But it's getting there..

I'll be able to test it during my next trip and then I will release a beta version for those of you who are keen to test it.

If you have any questions, ideas or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact me. It is always good to know that other people are interested.

I'm looking forward to hear from you !

Meanwhile, I've got a trip to do and a website to test.

Clément Mas.