Currently on a 1 year Working Holiday Visa, I still have 4 more months to enjoy Australia. Time flies !

After a few road trips and some sedentary time working in Sydney, it is now time for me to get on with a new travel experience.

For this next adventure, which I'll do on my own, I decided to carry on my exploration of Australia.. on a bike !

I plan to leave Sydney tomorrow and head west towards Perth following the coast - via Melbourne and then Adelaide. There are some really cool places to see on the way like the Great Ocean Road or the Grampians National Park.

There are also some REALLY remote places like the Nullarbor...

So I had to get prepared !



Here is my touring bike :

My Bike

His name is Hooper. He's from Germany.

Kind of fat with its 11.7kg but solid and nicely designed.


And here are all the stuff that I'm taking with me.

My gear

Note : I had to take some things out from what is in the picture.. It was way too heavy !

Gotta go now. Time to sleep before a big first day tomorrow !