As I said in my previous post, my original plan was to cycle to Adelaide via the Great Ocean Road.

But as I was getting closer to Adelaide, faster than expected and feeling good, I started to think more seriously about what was next.

Ever since I finished my road trip on the Australian East coast (from Melbourne to Cairns), even though I really enjoyed it, I knew that I would enjoy the West coast even more. There are fewer cities, fewer tourists, fewer party backpackers and more wild places to discover.

Crossing the Australian desert

The West coast stretches from Perth to Darwin. So I wanted to get to one of these cities but both are separated from Adelaide by a desert - as you can see on the satellite view.

Crossing one of those places remained just a crazy idea among many others in my head… until I arrived in Melbourne after just 5 days cycling and already 1000km.

I had plenty of time to think about it on my bike and it soon became obvious. I just had to figure out which way I would go…

Since I left from Sydney, I thought that Perth would be a good destination, simply because it was at the opposite side of the country.

So are I am in Adelaide getting prepared to leave tomorrow for Port Augusta with Andre where we'll go our separate ways.

He'll turn right on the Stuart Highway that will lead him across the red center and up to Darwin. And I will turn left on the Eyre Highway that will take me for epic journey to Perth going through the Nullarbor plains.

This means that I'll be cycling for 3000 more kilometers in some of Australia's most remote places!

More to come in the next posts…