Arrival Right now we've just 222 miles to go to Cayenne and 170 to the nearest bit of coast. In the last few days we've enjoyed strong currents from the east/north east pushing us largely towards​ our arrival, albeit a little bit further south than we'd like. We tried fighting it last night but despite the boat pointing nearly north we continued to drift to the south west. If you can't beat them join them as they say so we turned to a westerly course and have been enjoying the ride ever since. From here, one of two things will happen. When the water from the Atlantic hits the south American coast, it splits into a north/south current along the coastline. The northerly current is called the Cayenne current and can flow at up to 4 knots! We should pick this up as we approach the coast and it should fire us to the north west and Cayenne. If however we can't find this current (many established wind and water flows have failed to materialise already on this trip) we'll simply continue on our current course until we reach land in North Brazil/south French Guiana. This will stop the clock for the world record and should happen Sunday late morning, so 2 full days inside the current record. For those wondering, the destination for the record is not Cayenne but "mainland south America" so literally anywhere will do! We'll touch land, take a few photos and hop back in the boat. From there we'll row gently up to Cayenne for the big arrival on Monday. ~Niall