Not a great deal to report - Rose keeps plodding on and every hour / day they get closer to Cayenne and an ice cold Coca Cola (the big request from all of them!)

The heat, sores, aches, pains and exhaustion are all taking their toll but ETA is now only 5 days away - Monday 24th April (day 49).

Some updates from Niall:

Monday 17th  - Day 42 - Still really hot and we're all falling apart a bit physically - my bum really sore again with sweat. Good job we're nearing the final stretch!

Tuesday 18th  - Day 43 - So I think we've finally sorted all our Navigation problems. Looks like the 2 compasses were incorrectly calibrated sending us too far south all the time. It's not a problem really until now as we need to hit Cayenne! So we're now pretty much navigating by hand using GPS coordinates - it's not ideal but effective. 
Still really hot and starting to get my first bit of chaffing - which is not pleasant. Night watches are now everyone's favourite as the heat dips a little. Glad only a week to go as heat very tough to sleep in. I have a feeling we'll be falling apart by the time we reach Cayenne which is weird given we've all done pretty well until the last day or two. Roll on next Monday - it can't come quickly enough! 

Watches seem to going slower now we're so close. Only 6 days, but still 6 whole days....Oh well. We'll get there eventually.

Wednesday 19th  - Day 44 -  Still painfully hot here during the days. As expected we've got waves from the north which are proving a bit of a pain...but not causing too much hassle thankfully. Progress remains reasonable if slightly slow and wet due to the waves. But we're about to dip below 300 miles which is good. Monday around lunchtime remains most likely arrival time. 

And his final message just read:

Hot, hot, hot, hot, hot, hot, hot....!!!!

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