9:00-11:00 was the first watch of the day and I was feeling anxious but also excited. We spent about 30 mins just practicing and having some drone footage taken. Just before we left the harbour exit we started the spot tracker and then Clément and Ralph went off watch. Initial the first 30 mins felt quite unstable trying to row through waves and wash from other boats, but once I got them hang of it we started to make good speed.

13:00-15:00 after replying to lovely messages from you back home and getting about an hours sleep, Niall and I were back on watch. The sun was still shining, the sea state was choppy but we were able to maintain between 3.5 to 4knts. We had a visit from a pod of dolphins which was s real delight. Being in a small rowing boat so close to the waterline made the experience even better. We finished this watch with dinner from Summit to Eat. Boiling water in a jetboil with the boat rocking is entertaining but 10mins later Niall was tucking into his chicken tikka with rice and I had a macaroni cheese. Then it was off to sleep again for another 1.5hours.

17:00-19:00 come off watch for the 3rd time, the last watch was really peaceful and beautiful watching the sun set whilst listening to the oars cutting through the ocean waves. Looking forward to my first night row in the ocean as the sky is really clear tonight.

Just about to have an Aloe protein shake and get some sleep.

Signing off now


All the best

From Colin's blog