Day two started with a 5-7am row with a sun stunning sunrise. We also had quite a bit of other traffic crossing in front and behind us, it is quite nerve racking waiting to see if the container ship has spotted you.

Whilst we are doing well some of the crew are struggling a little. Both Ralph and Niall are sleep deprived due to the auto helm being noise in the aft cabin. Clément suffered from a little seasickness. Everyone one is now on good form.

We all enjoyed breakfast for three first time onboard, the scrambled egg & cheese was a winner over the oats with raspberries.

Other boat milestones
1 - we completed our First 100nm
2 - cooking on board is now down to a 15min process allowing 1:45hrs to sleep.
3 - a couple of friends have been dropped off at the pool (number 2's in a bucket)
4 - safety tethers and harnesses are always being used.

Rose is performing well and we all feel in good hands. Unfortunately there was no wildlife visit today.

Some of you may be wondering why we started off the planned course? This was to avoid a weather system that would be causing larger waves and stronger wind pushing us into the Gibraltar straights. We wanted to go south and make as much distance as possible before it was due to hit today.

Due to feedback at home by the challenge tracker addicts we are now going to run the spot updates at 7am, 1pm, 7pm and 1am. If you don't see an update don't worry we may have forgotten, you can also select the track Rose option and this will show are position on. Marine traffic.

We also rowed with the worlds largest torch, OMG! I had forgotten how bright the moon is over an ocean.

Thank you everyone that have been sending messages, I plan to write the quotes in the fwd cabin later today.

Love to all

Colin xx

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