The two graveyard watches this morning were extremely tough. The weather had changed covering the ocean in thick fog, we had approximately 250m visibility. As I came out of the fed cabin it felt like a scene from pirates of the Caribbean and I was expecting Jack Sparrow to appear from the fog.

The 01:00 to 03:00 watch was cold, damp and generally dull. It was a complete contrast from the clear moonlight mornings we have had so far. We were only able to make 2.5kts due to the choppy waves and currents. Niall and I chatted but it felt like we're clock watching which made the first hour go extremely slow. Then I realised that I didn't have any musicplaying so put on "you can do it" from Jo at this point the boat speed picked up and made the last hour go much faster.

05:00 - 07:00 watch was a bit more entertaining with fog horns being blasted, having no visibility and having to check the AIS. As the morning light started to appear we were met but 3 dolphins swimming around the boat and jumping clear out of the water.

We all seem to be in a better sleep routine now so hopefully this will last when the temperatures rise, the more south we go.

My hands this morning are much better after implementing a new system:

Beeswax = prevention (seals skin against water)
Bear grips = protection (pads to stop the friction from the oar handles)
Aloe Propolis creme = nourishment repair ( to maintain princess hands according to Niall)

Whilst our boat speed over ground (SOG) has slowed we are making good velocity made good (VMG) to the canaries so the crew are all feeling positive about the trip so far.

Let's see what the afternoon brings...

From Colin's blog