Today was off to a flying start with the wind and wave direction supporting the original passage plan.

Niall is still suffering from a lack of sleep so we suggested he swapped rooms for day. The aft cabin where he normally is contains the Navigation equipment and the auto helm, unfortunately it does not get any breeze and is too noisy.
At the next watch he swapped to the queens suite (fwd cabin), things were going well and he had just started to sleep when Ralph started shouting get up, get up. Niall and I rushed out of the Cabo and were told a sea turtle was trapped in some plastic so we should go and help. We turned the boat around and got back to the turtle who was happily playing with a milk carton. So the social spirit award goes to our skipper Ralph.

Niall has explicitly stated unless there is a whale or MOB then not to wake him.
In other news I no longer have soft modelling hands, after 3 days using beeswax my hands have given up. To give you an idea of the feeling it's like if you poured boiling water over your palm and then someone throws you a cactus to catch. No kidding the first 10-20 stokes on the oars each watch is excruciating .

That's all for now I am off to apply more talc and Aloe Propolis Creme to help easy the pains.